We act as both a disseminator and incubator for educational research in Canada. 

About Research and Insight

We endeavour to identify and search for solutions to Canada’s education challenges. This includes identifying opportunities for enhancements to the education system, identifying public policy gaps, and creating opportunities for researchers to work with school boards. Over the past 20 years, we have worked in the areas of enhancing resilience, engaging vulnerable students and supporting school-to-work transitions. We are constantly working to identify new methods and resources to support Canadian students.

Examining the Effects of Game Based Learning on Developing Youth Financial Literacy

In late 2015, The Learning Partnership (TLP) identified building financial literacy skills in Canadian youth as an important issue in K–12 education. TLP formed a partnership with Meridian Credit Union to develop a digital game, Save The Camp!, to teach financial literacy through game-based learning. Save The Camp! is a tower defense game where players repel waves of enemies with towers that can be bought with cash or credit. Careful financial management is necessary to win the game. With seed funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, TLP undertook a pilot study of Save the Camp! to examine the effects of game-based learning on developing youth financial literacy. This research report summary highlights the study’s methodology, what we learned, and key findings and recommendations.
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Changing World, Building Careers: It's My Future 2 (2016)

In 2014, The Learning Partnership conducted It’s My Future, a national study on factors that impact students’ transition from school to work, including decision-making processes, expectations about the current job market, and levels of optimism about their future career outcomes.

As an Ontario case study, It’s My Future 2 further investigates these issues with a more detailed and compelling examination of Ontario students’ perspectives about factors that shape their career planning, challenges and needs with respect to career readiness, and their access to and experience with information about the world of work. The extensive survey for this study was conducted during the 2014–2015 school year, involving 14,712 secondary students from 55 schools across Ontario. The research report, Changing World, Building Careers - It’s My Future 2, explores findings from this survey and ends with key recommendations on the education-to-employment.
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Emerging Technologies, Evolving Education (2015)

In 2014/2015 The Learning Partnership worked in collaboration with Samsung Canada to introduce new technology to 40 schools across Canada. The technology was given to Canada’s Outstanding Principals award winners, recognized for their innovation and outstanding contributions in public education. The principals received $20,000 each for their schools through Samsung's “Solve for Tomorrow” technology grant which allowed them to select the type of devices for their schools. The Policy and Knowledge Mobilization team at The Learning Partnership conducted a follow up study in these schools to examine the impact of the new technology on teaching and learning. This report summarizes findings of this research.
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Active at School: Connecting the Dots (2014)

In the fall of 2014, Canadian Tire Corp., a founding member of ACTIVE AT SCHOOL, commissioned The Learning Partnership (TLP) to conduct a research study to investigate barriers to physical activity by Canadian children and youth and identify new opportunities to address these issues on national and local levels. The research revealed three key findings that will guide this report’s discussion of physical activity among Canadian children and youth.
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It’s My Future: Student Voices From Across Canada (2014)

In the fall of 2013 The Learning Partnership decided to embark on a project called It’s My Future!, which was comprised of a series of student-focused consultations about their futures. A National Online Student Survey was also conducted concurrent to these consultations where over 1000 students made their voices heard. These discussions with Canadian students culminated in our first National Student Symposium where 22 It’s My Future participants from across the country were brought to a symposium in Toronto. Students were asked questions to describe what is working well in public education, where the opportunities lay for enhancement and what information is being used to make post-secondary and career choices.
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Boys Success in Vulnerable Ontario Communities (2014)

This is an equity initiative that focuses on boys in vulnerable communities. The goal is to increase boys’ achievement by developing strategies and initiatives that support and engage partnerships between schools, parents and communities. Five school boards in urban and rural areas (Toronto District School Board, Hamilton-Wentworth, Catholic District School Board, London District Catholic School Board and Thames Valley District School Board). The project led to an action plan and a set of guiding principles to support the community and school’s work. Recommendations included actions for schools, boards of education, communities, businesses, governments and faculties of education.
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Report on the Partnership Summit (2014)

On April 10, 2014 The Learning Partnership brought together more than 100 leaders, thinkers and doers from education, business and government at the Partnership Summit to develop action-focused ideas that address the skills gap and the challenges in successfully transitioning young Canadians from education to employment. This full-day event included plenary sessions with introductory remarks, keynote, panel discussions and video interviews, followed by roundtable discussions where group ideas were recorded on worksheets.
The following report is prepared from the video transcripts and worksheet outputs from all participants. Its goal is to outline strong ideas that will help further advance the Canadian public education system.
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Report on the Business Education Task Force (Calgary, AB)

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014 a cross section of stakeholders from government, education and business met at the BMO Centre in Calgary to address how business and education can work together in Alberta to support students in their transition from education to the workplace. This was the second of a series of Task Force meetings which are being held across Canada by the Learning Partnership (TLP). Following the proceedings, members of the task force proposed action oriented solutions that would support educational change. Five recommendations were made.
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Report of the Business Education Task Force (Toronto, ON)

This Report summarizes the proceedings of the Business Education Task Force, which convened in the fall of 2013 in Toronto and was composed of prominent members of the Business and Education communities in Ontario. The deliberations of the group led to the general conclusion that in order to effectively address our skill shortages and change the employment landscape for all students, we must foster climates and cultures that galvanize people to be creative and ingenious. Following the proceedings, members of the task force proposed action oriented solutions that would support educational change. Seven recommendations were made.
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It's Their Future: A Pan-Canadian Study of Career Education

The Learning Partnership has undertaken a national scan of curriculum and a limited scan of policy initiatives focusing on school-to-work transitions. This paper presents the various approaches to developing the workforce preparedness of Canadian students through Canadian public schools. While not necessarily comprehensive, we believe that this paper clearly outlines how the Canadian education system seeks to prepare students for the world of work.

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CEOs Roundtable: From Great to Excellent – A Response to Ontario’s Education Consultations

On September 19, 2013 The Learning Partnership convened a roundtable in response to the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Great to Excellent consultations. The CEO Roundtable report documents the opinions and ideas offered by Canada’s top CEOs in response to the Ontario Ministry of Education’s consultations.
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Enhancing the Development of Resilience in Early Adolescents, Literature Review

Early adolescence (ages 10-14) is a period during which students are particularly vulnerable to school and biopsychosocial transitions. These transitions can affect their well-being and cause them to become disengaged from school or decrease their academic performance. This reports examines education-related studies of resilience and the effectiveness of resilience-promoting programs to determine factors and interventions that are most likely to be associated with school engagement, academic success and overall healthy child development.
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